Professionnal Space

The harmony of the lines, the nobility of the materials, the sense of the details, while meeting the requirements related to the ergonomics, the functionality, the technology ... Each piece of furniture that we propose is the fruit of this subtle balance. Whether you are a real estate developer, hotel, luxury restaurant, prestigious tea room, leisure center or even architect (building & interior) or designer, whatever your sector of activity, KARRAY FURNITURE gives you the opportunity to benefit from a fruitful collaboration in the form of a partnership that allows you to combine not only your efforts to develop market share and turnover, but also to promote your reputation and reputation by strengthening your position in the market through offers adequate. This will give you access to an increasingly demanding high-end target but with a huge impact on the prosperity of your business. Therefore, KARRAY FURNITURE has engaged for you a team of experienced and competent work, to guarantee you: assistance and advice but also the best quality of product and service, and in all phases of your development projects or redevelopment space or furniture, while going through the design and decorative accessories.

Our proposals

In order to better satisfy you, we have set up several independent or grouped offers according to your needs, so we offer: - A wide collection of furniture: Stays, Bedrooms, Dining Rooms, Consoles, Bookcases, Armchairs, Poufs, Chairs, etc., with a wide selection of fabrics and colors - A delivery service with a team of professional technicians in the assembly of the furniture to give you the best satisfaction, and A service of advice and technical assistance - A design and interior decoration service to assist you in the harmony of a furniture and accessories layout with your customer target - Turnkey projects (from space planning and interior design to furnishing and accessories), or customized services Whether it is a simple purchase of furniture, a need for advice or assistance, a lack of design and decoration or a project to open an entire local, we will be delighted to accompany you with tailor-made collaboration offers.